Thomas Hirschmann

CEO | Founder


Thomas is a serial entrepreneur who has set up several ventures in the digital space, including Evonovation, an evolutionarily informed innovation business, Herrandmister, an innovation identity company as well as Xynesis, a management consulting company.

Thomas has a law and psychology background, is passionate not just about data but about anything innovative within digital and is always up to go the extra mile for his clients. In his employed career he has been working as an account director in the biggest private social media agency, as a digital insights director at one of UK’s biggest media agency and as head of insights for a digital consulting agency in the private equity world.

Whilst always focused on the project on hand, Thomas has the visionary ability to see what is on the horizon and align it with the needs of his clients and their audience.



CEO @ Braingraph, Business & Insights Director @ Smesh
2017, Jan-April
Head of Insights @ One Four Zero
Digital Insights Director @ Mindshare UK
Account Director @ We Are Social


Digital Insights95%
Applied Behavioural Science85%
Commercial Acumen95%
Digital Innovation90%

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