Dr. Steffen Roth (PhD)

Social Science Director


Steffen is a unique mind out there in the academic universe in so far as he is not only able to juggle complex acedemic concepts which you would expect from someone holding two PhDs – one in economics & management and one in sociology. Steffen is special because he can transcend and bridge the boundaries between the academic and the business world. Braingraph’s CEO and founder Tom met and experienced Steffen as a very humble but at the same time brilliant and creative thinker who participated in a joint open innovation challenge – and thereafter won the Swiss Open Innovation Award 2015. 

Apart from very successfully advancing his academic career, Steffen has always managed to stay on top of current social and technological trends, which becomes manifest in him founding the Data Economy Excellence Centre and Big Data Lab in Vilnius/Lithuania as well as his activities as member of the editorial board of publications like Cybernetics and Human Knowing or the International Journal for Innovation and Sustainable Development. 

Steffen is the best person to work with for complex, data and innovation driven projects and he will often be the one to identify the underlying idea or concept that connects and explains the otherwise unexplicable data patterns – a unique mind and unique personality. 



Science Director @ Braingraph
Professor of Sociology, Yerevan State University, Armenia
Assistant Professor of Management and Organization, ESC Rennes School of Business, France
Visiting Professor, Copenhagen Business School, Department of Management, Politics and Philosophy, Denmark


Research & Analysis95%
Social Trend Analysis85%
Concept Creation90%
Digital Innovation85%

Contact Info

Email : steffen@braingraph.com