Andrew Scrymgeour

Digital Strategist


Andrew has more than 10 years experience in working with digital data and using it to create actionable strategies for businesses from all industries. At Braingraph, Andrew his using his talent to understand the human interests and motivations behind digital data patterns and linking these to working business strategies.

Rather than making consumers behave in a different way, Andrew is able to show with digital data how companies can tap into existing consumer needs and trends to grow and develop their business more quickly and more efficiently.

Andrew’s specific talent is his ability to find simple solutions for highly complex problems. In this regard he is the natural counterpart to our behavioural science team in so far as he will insist that all of our output is actually offering a valid and realistic solution to our client’s questions and problems. ¬†


Strategic Data Analyst @ Braingraph
Founder & Owner of Thrive, a Digital Growth Agency
Strategy Director @ Mindshare
Head of Strategy @ Rocket


Digital Data Analysis90%
Digital Strategy95%
Digital Innovation90%

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