football pitch
As reported in the last blog post, football has been changing throughout the last years, and now is the moment for clubs to keep up with this evolution. We did a short analysis focusing on the North London Derby to gain insights into football fans’ digital behaviours. The Derby is one of the fiercest matches...
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football fan taking a picture of the pitch with her mobile during a match
The digital era and the consequent rise of social media has enabled a pervasiveness for those who interact with these platforms. It allows real-time information to be obtained, content to be created, relationships to be maintained and opinions to be shared from anywhere, with anyone, at any time (as long as they also exist on...
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coins with Bitcoin logo on top US dollar notes show blockchain concept
Blockchain is a technology that allows a record of transactions to be maintained without the need of a third party; it is also a completely new way to organise and structure data. Blockchain’s fast development has been impacting different businesses and industries, and it looks to revolutionise the importance and relevance of big data in...
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